Conor McGregor won a lot when he lost to Floyd Mayweather

Most beings prophesied shame for the Irishman on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Instead, his bravery likely pledged him even more renown and wealth

Deep into the fight that was supposed to be a farce, Conor McGregor sway, careening the greatest boxer of his generation. Every McGregor punch seemed to come from a lieu that said he wouldn’t be a pun, a gentleman wading into a world in which he didn’t belong. More than a few seasons on Saturday night he surprised Floyd Mayweather- and how many boxers have done that in the last 20 times?

On the nighttime McGregor was supposed to be disclosed as a huckster with a lip, he won by losing. He won by lasting more than nine rounds with a man who many speculation would knock him out in seconds. He acquired by saying he didn’t want to lose in the referee’s arms but flat on the canvas, staring at the arena daylights like a great brawler who handed everything “hes having”.

” Better than I thought he was ,” Mayweather said of McGregor after his 10 th-round TKO victory.

Those six terms bought McGregor credibility and a path to tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars.

There’s a temptation to aversion McGregor. His act, formerly clever, too often degenerates into pervert incongruity. His foul-mouthed rants are tedious. He cleans around like a rooster in Gucci, twinkling amber and talking slime. He bridged the line in his pre-fight press conferences with Mayweather. His demand that his African American opponent dance for him– recycled from previous sideshows in the UFC- could only be seen as prejudiced, whether he intended for it to be or not.

But when the buzzer echo on a fight that had more than a aroma of Phelps v Shark, McGregor gave substance. His stance was clumsy, like he was trying to remember newly-learned dance moves, but he didn’t go down. He took big-hearted pierces and hurled some of his own, although it must be said that the majority of members shortage venom. Afterwards Mayweather admitted the Irishman’s unorthodox inclinations induced him problems.

And because of this he has bought himself a bigger future than ever seemed possible.

McGregor has much to look forward to at persons under the age of 29. Already, “hes having” defeated the supposedly invincible Jose Aldo in 13 seconds, become the first UFC fighter to hold two claims at the same duration and dragged the omnipotent Dana White into a boxing debacle the UFC president missed no part of. He’s kicked through the series that shackle MMA fighters, showing them a street to real fund and now he’s danced into boxing, where best available self-promoters acquire themselves rich beyond belief.

It’s easy now to photo McGregor Productions, McGregor Studios and McGregor Inc with fleets of helicopters, limousines and a 400 ft boat. He can return to the UFC and finish his trilogy with Nate Diaz. He can contend Mayweather again should the millions are sufficient to pull the 50 -0 champ away from two seconds retirement. Or he can go straight to Dancing With The Stars as one plays marketing expert recently suggested to the Guardian .

Yes, McGregor prevailed a lot by misplacing in the manner he did on Saturday. He could have taken an easy way out. He could have grabbed the $100 m or whatever his share turns out to be, stashed the money away and flopped in the ring. No one would have been able to blamed him if he looked like a dud against Mayweather: many offering boxers have gazed worse against the American than McGregor did on Saturday.

Instead, he engaged. He won the first three rounds and may have taken one late as well. In doing so he may have torn down the wall that separates boxing from MMA. After Saturday, when the UFC champion went 10 rounds with a boxer now 50 -0, there has to be a new regard from boxing followers for MMA. Likewise, those who have been roaring at boxing’s downfall have to marvel at Mayweather’s discipline, examined the road he wore McGregor down and understand the physical and mental requisitions of a boast they mock.

Maybe at last, a connection has been built between two disparate islands, producing brand-new devotees to different disciplines. Perhaps, as the UFC star hinted after the contest, this is the first of a series of MM-Aboxing superfights. Anything is possible after the crazy rise of Conor McGregor.

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