Conor McGregor open to boxing revert despite defeat by Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor failed to rule out a return to boxing after his 10 th-round overcome to Floyd Mayweather, saying he was sure theres options that will present themselves in the boxing game

Only the most devoted supporters of Conor McGregor, of which there were no dearth in Las Vegas, afforded him a chance in Saturday’s junior middleweight fight with Floyd Mayweather. What hope did a mixed martial artist “whos never” boxed professionally or even at the elderly amateur level have against not just any nobility boxer, but a slick technician regarded as the greatest of his period?

Yet for the first three rounds of Saturday’s money-spinning blockbuster at the T-Mobile Arena, the unimaginable seemed within stroking distance. McGregor found Mayweather with punch. He touched him with helping hand and figure fires and even a sharp uppercut. Against all stranges, this was a fight.

The class, position and experience of the American prevailed in the end but McGregor extradited a far more credible concert in his debut than even the most cynical spectators could have expected, placing the UFC’s first ever simultaneous two-division champ at an extraordinary crossroads.

” This was some chatter to come in and appearance this being ,” said a joyful McGregor at the post-fight press conference.” So numerous doubters. First it was this fight is never be happening, then it was like I’m not going to lay a gauntlet on him. So many things to overcome. I precisely experienced the whole suffer. I have numerous options in mixed martial arts. I’m sure there’s options that will present themselves in the boxing game.

” But right now I’m a free agent. My figure is on the ring .”

Make no mistake, Mayweather was in control from the startle, his slow start attributable to a constellation of factors including his advanced age, echoing rot from a lay-off of virtually two years and a strategy of tactical conceding designed to draw a novice boxer into deep water. McGregor was stopped inside the interval and any flowing accolade is tantamount to pointing him on a curve.

But consider that a total of nine Mayweather resists property less than 100 pierces in a 12 -round fight, among them Manny Pacquiao, while McGregor property 111 in less than 10.

Conor McGregor razzes Floyd Mayweather during the fight by putting his hands behind his back. Photo: Steve Marcus/ Reuters

” I accept the first couple of shots flustered him ,” McGregor said.” But then he started speaking them and parrying the shootings well. He had a good strong parry on his lead hand. And he dipped low-toned and caught their own bodies fires well. I experienced the fight, it was a great race and a lot of stuff I’ll take with me .”

He contributed:” I have numerous options in MMA. I enjoy a good contend and this was a damn good crusade. I enjoyed myself and long may it prolong. I cannot tell you what is next, but something will be next .”

The UFC president, Dana White, pronouncing before McGregor’s arrival at the post-fight debriefing, was understandably reticent about the most difficult call in his stable remaining in boxing.

” I would rather he did not ,” White said.” This isn’t what he does. He’s a mixed martial artist where he goes in and he employs all of his weapons, and tonight he was only allowed to use his hands. I think he did enormous tonight. I don’t think there’s anything left to prove .”

But it may not be White’s choice. After giving a minimum of $30 m, a tenfold multiply on his previous career-high pocketbook of$ 3m, which could balloon to $75 m once his share of the pay-per-view acknowledgments, live barrier, closed-circuit revenues and foreign marketings are tallied, McGregor might like to see how far he could go in the square circle.

” The check is all right ,” said McGregor with a chuckle when asked to assess the difference between boxing and MMA.” The check’s not bad. But I’ve already been parent the MMA checks, so don’t get it twisted. I’m gonna promote the MMA checks when I go back there.

” I don’t know what the difference is but it’s different. It’s very different. It’s just a little more cleaner or something. But I experience it exceedingly very much, it was an honor for me to come over on to the boxing back and showcase my skills.

” I know there was a lot of attitude and disregard for my skill. I’m a multiple-weight free-fighting nature champion, I was a little taken aback by the impudence and disregard that I was demo. In fairness, Floyd and his crew never showed that disrespect. It was just the overall, everyone else. And it was almost like a jealousy thought so I just got over it. But the disrespect for my skill set was … it took me back a little bit. But I always knew when the fight came around on August 26 th I’m going to show up and give a good history of myself .”

” I are of course open to all options. I am young, I’m fresh and I am ready .”

Mayweather v McGregor in numbers

10- The round in which Mayweather stopped McGregor.

50- Mayweather’s total number of job battles, and victories.

1- Continues the number of eras Mayweather has been officially knocked down in a fight.

14, 623- The attending within the T-Mobile Arena.

1- The sum of rounds triumphed by McGregor across all three scorecards at ringside.

170- Perforates territory by Mayweather( 53 per cent of 320 thrown ).

111- Pierces landed by McGregor( 26 per cent of 430 thrown ).

83- McGregor’s highest score on the cards for the nine ended rounds, the one of magistrate Dave Moretti.

100- Million dollars, reportedly earned by each fighter.

40- Dollars per hat being sold in the realm bearing the 50 -0 record Mayweather now owns.

514, 300- Public mentions of the fight on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram between 9.05 and 10.05 Pacific Time.

355, 420- Mentions of McGregor during the same period.

2- McGregor still owns two UFC macrocosm titles.

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