Conor McGregor Charged With Assault In Chaotic Attack Of Bus

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Fighter Conor McGregor didn’t need to be in the octagon to go on a rampage in Brooklyn, New York, on Thursday.

The UFC star was charged with assault and criminal misbehaviourafter he shed a hand dolly through the window of a bus ferrying other fighters, police told HuffPost.

The incident was caught on video 😛 TAGEND

Two competitors, Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg, lost facial or seeing traumata that will keep them out of Saturday’s pay-per-view event at Barclays Center in the New York City borough, the UFC articulated.

The organization said it moved another challenger from the schedule, McGregor teammate Artem Lobov, because of his alleged participation in the mayhem, obliging the cancelation of the event’s third bout.

A peeved McGregor presented up accidentally to a Barclays press event for the pairs after the UFC announced it would deprive him of his 155 -pound title, the New York Post reported. McGregor, who lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr . in a much-hyped boxing match in August, hadn’t crusade in the UFC since 2016.

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Max Holloway will fight for McGregor’s title on Saturday.

McGregor and his suite reportedly set upon the bus with Nurmagomedov inside.

Conor led bananas and put a thump on the van that we were in go looking for Khabib, ” Rick Little, a manager of one of the injured soldiers, told MMA Junkie. “A million security guards had to restrain him.”

McGregor surrendered to police late Thursday without incident, an NYPD spokesman said to HuffPost.

UFC president Dana White said in a video that McGregor and 20 or so people too threw trash cans while the buses were pulling out of the loading docks. He announced McGregor’s behavior and that of his entourage “the most outraging act that has ever happened in the history of the company.”

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