Chinese Martial Arts – Fan Zi Quan, Shuai Jiao, Go-Ti Boxing


Follower Zi Quan

The kicking system fan zi quan includes both “difficult” and “soft” power techniques The routines and set forms focus on hand techniques, strikes, and also jumps, and also the wide range of flowing as well as toppling punches, many of which come from unusual angles, is particularly reliable.

A common follower zi quan routine includes quickfire combinations of Offensive as well as defensive manoeuvres ending with brief ruptureds of punches that are tossed from unusual angles as well as are aimed at the opponent’s body.

Boxing methods.

Follower zi quan consists of a number of uppercuts much like those found in Western boxing. These uppercuts are delivered if the opponent shuts his guard as well as crouches down in a protective way as well as are adhered to by head strikes and lower-body punches. Two typical branches of follower zi quan are practiced today-one in the northeast of China as well as the other in the northwest. Although both bear a strong resemblance to each other, the last focuses on force drawn from the waist, whereas the style from the northeast tends to focus on a strong surging power coupled with the technical capability to do all techniques at speed.

The system’s slogan can be translated as: “Two clenched fists are quickly like the dropping raindrops as well as quickly like a slapping whip.”

Shuai Jiao

Shuai jiao is the most ancient of all Chinese fighting styles, with a history of over 4,000 years-its very first recorded use was available in 2697 BCE. It is a tossing as well as grappling system that has actually possibly been affected by kyukl bokh. In its earliest form it was referred to as “jiao di” or “horn butting”; the soldiers would certainly put on headgear with horns, which they would certainly use to gore their opponents while combating. Later on, it became an art kind exercised without the headwear, and also ultimately ended up being a public sporting activity during the Qin empire (221-207 BCE), during which time winners of national competitors won the right to function as among the emperor’s bodyguards.

Modern shuai jiao

Today, the art is generally educated in authorities and army establishments in both China as well as Taiwan, as well as much of the methods made use of in the old battlefields are still utilized today, consisting of taking as well as getting maneuvers, joint locks, and also pressure-point holds. Although several of the distinct lock-breaking tosses have actually been prohibited during competitors, it still remains a tactical as well as lethal fight art integrating energetic breaking activities from the hips that lead to eyecatching as well as significant moves.

Go-Ti Boxing

Both arts eventually ended up being linked with Daoist monks as well as, over the years, at some point fused into one system. Many think go-ti boxing to be a forerunner to modern-day kung fu martial arts.

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