Brock Lesnar v Daniel Cormier: a depressing produce of UFC’s entertainment era

It looks like a 39 -year-old may soon contend a 40 -year-old for the heavyweight claim. Its just a reverberating endorsement of the future

Curtis ” Razor ” Blaydes cut loose after UFC 226′ s main event on Saturday night. He had just watched WWE star Brock Lesnar strut into the octagon for the first time in two years, and engage in a shoving is compatible with UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

” Tired of all the politics ,” Blaydes tweeted.” Like is it even still about campaigning? First CM Punk now Brock Lesnar. I’ll only continue to grow as a martial artist and become more dangerous and I refuse to resort to that WWE bs fake arguing exactly to draw in lame ass casual followers .”

Lesnar’s intervention suggested to numerous commentators that marketability is now as important as fighting capacity in UFC. Responding to Blaydes and other mixed martial artists who don’t realize melding real opposing with pro-wrestling antics, Cormier offered a simple and telling comeback:” Stay cracked .”

Fully hugging UFC’s” amusement age” has entailed choosing between manufacturing drama, the apparently easier option, or playing up the real thing, which may not always exist. Certainly, Lesnar’s introduction on Saturday quickly gnawn UFC 226 from a sporting victory to a corrupted sight. Miocic didn’t have a chance to departure the cage before Lesnar grabbed a microphone and called him a “piece of shit.”

That said, you can’t argue with Lesnar’s ability to generate concern. He has long been in the business of luring in gatherings with corrosive language, and his ability to engage kinfolks outside the mixed martial arts world-wide is the reason he headlined three UFC pay-per-views, each of which attracted more than one million buys.

Over the last decade the UFC composed fightings that love didn’t know they wanted until they were told otherwise. And by leaning on obligating identities like Lesnar, Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey and Georges St-Pierre the advertising generated substantial pay-per-view revenue.

Times change, of course. Rousey is gone to the WWE. St-Pierre is all but retired. McGregor is expected to fight again this year, though it’s hard to say how often he will appear in the octagon.

This core group largely improved themselves and were aided by the UFC media machine. It’s never easy to nurture and exchange big-time boxers to the public. The great challenge facing the UFC in recent years has revolved around procuring brand-new stars.

Less than a year ago, for example, UFC president Dana White touted Cameroonian heavyweight Francis Ngannou as the future, a potential world whiz, the heaviest hitter in a constellation of heavy hitters. On Saturday night, less than a year removed from a name challenge win to Miocic, White lectured Ngannou and his apparently giant pride following a appalling three-round looking game with another listing heavyweight contender, Derek Lewis.

That’s why it means nothing that Lesnar is 40 -year-old and has not officially won a UFC fight since 2010, which is when he renounced the promotion’s heavyweight title to Cain Velasquez. Or that he is caught up in an ongoing drugging debate following a failure in his last bout two years ago at UFC 200( which too sold more than thousands and thousands of pay-per-views ).

Blaydes( 10 -1, 1 no game) is currently taking the little rewarding workmanlike trek to fame and fortune. He plastered veteran Alistair Overeem with a barrage of elbows last month, situating him atop a very short list of the heavyweight division’s leader contenders.

That’s why Blaydes, a 27 -year-old former junior college champion wrestler, acted so strongly when Cormier employed UFC 226 to call out Lesnar, who was noticeably sat cage-side. In Blaydes’s mind it should have been him, but few know the man and the 39 -year-old Cormier sounds uninterested in passing some dangerous minor a shot.” I’m at a extent now where it’s very difficult to fight a Curtis Blaydes ,” said Cormier, who claims he will retire from MMA by the time he turns 40 in March.

By any sporting step Lesnar should not have been granted a title possibility. Yet in White’s estimation a competition between Lesnar and Cormier is” a fight people want to see ,” which is the most basic and yet the most meaningful measuring stick inside the company. At this stage, UFC fans are mode to root for any fight that attains the most fund for the company.

” I’m fighting Brock Lesnar ,” Cormier said here on Saturday.” I’m getting paid. I want to fight contends that make sense .” For a hand-picked group of UFC fighters big-money bouts can be a reality. The residue of them are made to wait and tweet.

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