Boxing spectator becomes instant meme after knockout punch

Deontay Wilder, left, punches Dominic Breazeale during the first round of the WBC heavyweight championship boxing match.
Image: Frank Franklin II/AP/REX/Shutterstock

You never know when you might become a meme.

During a hard-hitting match between heavyweight boxers Deontay Wilder and Dominic Breazeale Friday night, Wilder landed a nasty right hook on the jaw of Breazeale in the first round, sending him to the ground in a daze. That knockout punch garnered quite the reaction from spectators, but one guy in particular made the most perfect face.

The man in the front row with the red tie was astounded. Wide-eyed and open-mouthed in shock, he looks like he’s just seen a god appear on Earth. 

That hit that Wilder landed was certainly amazing to witness, and getting a front-row view of a first-round knockout in a championship match is not exactly an experience that’s easy to come by.

This man, this red tie guy, appears to have seen one of the most astonishing things he’s ever witnessedin his life. I mean, look at that hit. If Breazeale didn’t go down after that punch there’d be something wrong with him.

With that hit, Wilder held onto his championship title for the ninth consecutive time. Breazeale was on a three-match win streak before he met Wilder’s right fist at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn.

Boxing fans will remember the match for the match, but the rest of the internet just found a great new reaction image.

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