Boxing adjudicators, refs sent home from Rio after questionable decisions

Michael John Conlan( L) of Ireland opposes Vladimir Nikitin of Russia in the boxing Men’s Bantam( 56 kg) Quarterfinal 1 on Day 11 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at Riocentro on August 16, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil .
Image: Photo by Christian Petersen/ Getty Images)

A day after Irish boxer Michael Conlan went on an enraged tirade in Rio, accusing the adjudicates and the Amateur International Boxing Association( AIBA) of match-fixing, the AIBA has removed several adjudicates and adjudicators from the remaining Olympics competition.

Despite most spectators was of the view that Conlan acquired his Olympic quarterfinal bout against Russia’s Vladimir Nikitin on Tuesday, the magistrates gifted Nikitin two out of three rounds, inducing Conlan’s tirade and, later, a fiery tweet directed at Russian president Vladimir Putin.

But, it seems, maybe there was something to Conlan’s objections. Harmonizing to a report by the New York Times , the AIBA removed the adjudicates and referees after a review of other Rio upshots pictured questionable results.

In AIBA’s testimony, the organization said, after reviewing all 239 contests in rivalry in Rio, that “less than a handful of determinations were not at the level expected, ” but that’s still enough to warrant removal of the officials.

According to the Times , Conlan’s loss wasn’t the only questionable bout with a Russian victor.

On Monday, the crowd gibed when another Russian fighter, Evgeny Tishchenko, was awarded a unanimous decision over Vassiliy Levit of Kazakhstan, who appeared to have won the bout handily. The decision in the Tishchenko-Levit fight was made by adjudicates from Algeria, Colombia and Ireland. Adjudicators from Brazil, Poland and Sri Lanka were working Conlans quarterfinal bout.

On Wednesday, reports initiated to run that Nikitin was so battered by Conlan in their bout that he’d had to withdraw from his scheduled semifinal contest. For now, though, Nikitin is still on the schedule for Thursday’s bout.

As for Conlan, he’s understandably still salty about the result and the decision to send the officials home didn’t actually manufacture him less angry.

Still, he’s not making the contentious decision to be stopped from having a good time while he’s still in Rio.

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