Boxing Day dippers jump for charity

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Media captionHundreds of people hastened into the North Sea off the Norfolk coast

Boxing Day immerses have attracted millions of swimmers and spectators around the English coast.

Dippers have dashed into the chilly irrigates off beaches in Northumberland, Tyneside, Wearside and Dorset, among others.

Many were fundraising for donation dressed as Father Christmas, nuns, elves, Christmas puddings and turkeys.

Sea temperatures were estimated to be about 8.9 C( 48 F) in the north and 11.1 C( 52 F) in the south.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Some parties defied the high seas garmented as Redcar’s famous Lemon Tops
Image copyright Dave Cocks Image caption Costumes wandered from simple swimming costumes, wetsuits and boasts gear to something more… complicated

Conditions were “the roughest they have been for a number of years” at Tynemouth Longsands, with swim time limited to 10 times, according to participants.

Run by the North Sea Volunteer Lifeguards, the dip first has just taken place in 1999.

Swim ex-serviceman Geoff Wade said it was a “great way to clear your top after the excesses of Christmas”.

“It felt warmer to me but it was my wife’s first time and she didn’t anticipate the same, ” he said.

Image copyright PA Image caption The Tynemouth dip had a time limit, only in case anyone needed it
Image copyright Fiona Haslett Image caption Some brave Tynemouth dippers didn’t even need fancy dress garbs to keep warm

RNLI Lifeboat operations director Dave Cocks said the Redcar dip had had “as numerous witness as we’ve ever seen”.

The weather was “bright but cold” and there had been “lots of young and old doing the dip”, he said.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Person might run into the ocean but it’s slower operate going out again

Jade Thirlwall, who is a member of daddy party Little Mix, returned to her residence city of South Shields to raise funds for a local kindnes at the Little Haven beach dip.

“My great-aunty Norma, she passed away last year from pancreatic cancer it is therefore makes a lot to me to do what I can, ” she said.

Image caption Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall was invoking money for neighbourhood charity Cancer Connections

Nearly 200 people dipped at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea on the Northumberland coast, with local lifeboat volunteers and coastguard squads adding safe cover.

Just as many spectators watched their efforts from the relative heat of the beach and promenade.

Image copyright Richard Martin Image caption Speed seemed to be the maneuver at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea

Of the annual plunges one of the largest, are governed by Sunderland Lions Clubs, has been held since 1974.

It lures up to 900 dippers and raises several tens of thousands of pounds for charity.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption And there is always a guy in a dress … ever
Image copyright Dave Cocks Image caption Thousands of pounds is heightened for benevolence by dippers

A 70 m( 230 ft) swim across Weymouth Harbour on Christmas Day allured 483 swimmers – a record number for the event.

It was started this year by Don Laker, 93, whose father opened the phenomenon in 1948 with a swimming wager against a friend.

Weymouth and Portland Lions Club took over guiding it the 1970 s.

Image copyright Dorsetbays Photography Image caption The hardy spirits of Dorset defied Weymouth Harbour on Christmas Day

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