Bob Arum says he wants to promote Donald Trump v Bernie Sanders debate

Famed boxing promoter unveils plan to promote possible dispute between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Veteran boxing promoter Bob Arum has offered to promote a possible dispute between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Its the debate of the century between two of the top pound for pound legislators in the two countries: Mr Trump, the Republican Partys presumptive campaigner and Senator Sanders, the Democratic campaigner, Arum said in a handout problem Thursday. We have two challengers ready, eager and able to go mano a mano over the most important issues facing the United States. And I am ready to promote it.

The idea of a debate between Trump and Sanders has gained steam in the day since it was first proposed during Trumps appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night.

If I debated him[ Sanders ], we would have such high ratings, and I think we should take that fund and give it to some worthy charity, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee told the late-night TV emcee.

Trump, who on Thursday crossed the threshold of delegates requirement to secure the partys presidential nomination, seemed to sway on his willingness to debate Sanders after initially redoubling down on them at a morning news conference in North Dakota, where he supposed: Id love to debate Bernie hes a dream.

Sanders response on Twitter strengthened the best interests, but a Trump aide subsequently clarified that the candidate was joking and had no intent of debating the senator from Vermont.

Arum spoke 80% of the net proceeds will go to the charity or benevolences of presidential candidates alternative, agreed upon in advance, with a minimum gift of $20 m.

The moderator or moderators will be subject to the approval of the candidates, though Arum has recommended Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney.

The 84 -year-old chairman and CEO of Top Rank Promotions is no stranger to the political realm. As a Harvard Law graduate function as an lawyer in the tax disagreement of Robert F Kennedys Justice Department during the course of its mid-1 960 s, Arum hurriedly changed occupations after he audited a fight and saw how much coin could be made.

Hes been a major force in boxing since, promoting such magnificent chassis as Muhammad Ali( 27 fightings ), Marvin Hagler( 20 ), George Foreman( 14) and Sugar Ray Leonard( seven ).

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