Blind date:’ I’d have adored a proper goodnight kiss’

Was Max and Tamaras evening the start of something special?

Max on Tamara

What were you are waiting for?
A mutual compound competitor. And someone whod change vines with me in Italy.

First notions ?
Relieved. The refer Tamara can necessitate someone who speak the Queens English and likes ponies. What did you talk about ?
Her Russian great-grandfather. How her grandmother was given up for adoption. Where “peoples lives” had taken us, and where wed circulate next. Any tricky moments ?
A stray side collapsed a glass of wine. Good table manners ?
She had great composure. Best occasion about Tamara ?
Shes sensible, open-minded and generous-hearted.

Would you interpose her to your friends?
Id like to introduce her outlook to some of my friends.

Describe her in three terms
Resilient, sensitive, sincere.

What do you think she made of you ?
Relaxed, interested and frightfully British. Did you go on somewhere ?
No, we stayed for coffee and a nightcap. And … did you caress ?
Just a farewell kiss on the cheek. If you could change one thing about the evening, what the fuck is it be ?
I didnt get a sense of what she does to let her whisker down. Marks out of 10 ?
7. Would you meet again ?
For a great conversation on European culture, perhaps.

Tamara on Max

What were you hoping for?
Someone like-minded who wouldnt run away( and secretly hoping he could be The One ).

First notions ?
A gentleman in every feel of the word. What did you talk about ?
Living abroad, the Loch ness monster and good wine. Any awkward moments ?
Breaking my glass. I was amazed that he merely deterred on chatting. Good table manners ?
He was extremely attentive. Best situation about Max ?
His cheeky remarks( and his eyes ).

Would you insert him to your friends?

Describe him in three paroles
Kind, handsome, funny.

What do you think he made of you ?
A chatterbox. Did you go on somewhere ?
No. He had to get up early the next day for a boxing workout. And … did you kiss ?
Just a peck on the cheek. If you could change one thing about the evening, what the fuck is it be ?
A proper goodnight kiss. Marks out of 10 ?
9( perfection doesnt subsist ). Would you meet again ?
I hope so, though we didnt exchange numbers.

Max and Tamara ate at Bronte, London WC2.

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