5 Foolproof Hairstyles That Will Last Through Even The Toughest Workout

Nothings worse than being in the middle of a HIIT circuit and constantly getting a mouthful of your own long locks.

Last time I checked, hair was not a part of my macros.

There are plenty of excuses to skip a workout a marathon, impromptu margs with your girlfriends, free burrito day at Chipotle, or even your bedlooking extra cozy and comfy.

But of all those possible excuses,your hair getting in your face certainly shouldnt be one of them (yes, I probably should stop using these excuses in general, but thats besides the point).

Here are five easy, resilient, and of course, adorablehairstyles, that will last through even your most devastatingly difficult workouts.

1. The Side Pony (With A Twist)

The side ponytail isone of my personal favorites, particularly because its the ultimate cure for fussy fly-aways.

Its kind of like Chinese food delivery: dependable, reliable, and always there for you when youre feeling lazy AF.

This version puts a (literal) twist on a boring ponytail, making it look super fancy without much added complication.

2. The Dutch Braid

I know it doesnt really look like it, butthis is such a low-keybadass hairstyle. Whenever I wear these dutch braids, I feel like Im a cross between an MMA fighter and a warrior princess.

Whether you decide to show this style off at kickboxing or hot yoga, its guaranteed to stay in place through sweat, sun salutations, and side-kicks.

3. The Ballerina Bun

Who said ballet buns were reserved only for prima ballerinas? Were taking this bad boy from Swan Lake to SoulCycle.

This video includes a bun foundation and hair net, which both come pretty cheap if you want to go all out for maximum hold.

4. The Braided Bun

This awesome hybrid hairstyle is sure to withstand just about any ab circuit.

I know what youre thinking You learned how to do a ballerina bun, and now you have to figure out how to combine it with a braid?!

This is way easier than it looks, though, and youll fool people into thinking you teleportedstraight from your senior prom to the StairMaster. Totally worth it.

5. The Messy Bun

I call this hairstyle The IDGAF because I literally go to sleep with my hair in a bun, I wake up, and Im somehow #blessed with this seemingly intricate updo.

Atutorial isnt really necessary for this one, but hey, if youre feeling particularly ambitious, I suppose there are ways to carefully sculpt the mess.

This low-maintenance look was basically made for the gym, because when it gets a little tousled, it looks evencuter.

Tousle away your locks arent going anywhere.

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