21 Maidens And The Hilariously Wrong Ideas They Had About Male Anatomy

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1. I felt boys had two dicksone for peeing, one for pooping.

I truly, genuinely thought that followers had two penises. One they urinate out of and one they pooped out of. Apparently my childlike knowledge didn’t register a ground for men to have buttholes.

2. I recalled humen had two dicksone for urinating and one for sex.

Men do not, in fact, have two dicks: one for pee-pee and one for sexing. Six-year-old me was thoroughly confounded when “shes seen” her first anatomy chart.

3. I thought that penis were shaped like snowmen.

When I was in second point, we were playing with Play-Doh in class. One of the sons in my class improved a snowman, then maintained it against his crotch like it was his penis to do his sidekick laugh.

Due to a lack of any other visuals( I’m a female ), I thoughts for a extremely, long time that penises were influenced like snowmen.

4. I thought that boners would feel harder.

I knew a boner didn’t mean that some bone in their body didn’t unexpectedly pop up, but I only thought it would feel much harder…you always sounds trash like” I’m rock hard ,” but it’s more of a fleshy, stiff appear. But the first time I felt one, I thought to myself, Is he not into this? shouldn’t it be much more difficult?

5. I fantasized the projectiles were as tight and round as two separate ping pong balls.

My simply knowledge with men’s genitals up until the age of 18 was from carves on the school desks. So, I saw the dances sat directly above the shaft and were as close-fisted and round as two separate ping pong balls.

6. I remembered males had three balls.

I anticipated boys had three balls. The scene where Dr. Evil goes hit in the gonads, and countings to three. Took me generating a ball-sucking BJ to figure it out.

7. I supposed semen was cold.

I supposed semen was cold. I figured because it’s a liquid, and you drink liquids, hence semen is a alcohol and should be cold.

8. I belief each ball had its own sack.

I speculated each ball had its own sack.

9. I thought that boys were born with pellets inside their body until puberty and then they dropped.

I believed that boys were born with balls inside their body until adolescence and they removed. it was a shock.

10. I thought that off-color projectiles could kill a man.

That blue dances could kill a man, and that in order to frustrate becoming a murderess, I had to alleviate any erection I justification. I belief this for years and years and times, because every guy I asked would confirm it. Almost like some bro code or something. And the Viagra commercial-grades( 4 hours or longer) shaped me think it was true. I’m 27 now and recently learning it wasn’t lethal was mind-blowing.

11. I thought that balls were in front of the penis.

Because of the room that kids describe dicksusually two ended haloes with a an oblong protrusion coming out of themI thought the pellets were in front of the penis for a very long time.

12. I concluded boners exactly abruptly popped up.

I expected boners simply unexpectedly popped up like nothing and then bamhard-on. I wasn’t aware it’ ripened’ hard.

13. I concluded sons pooped out of their penis.

I is of the opinion that boys pooped out of their penis.

14. I envisioned the penis was for peeing and the balls were for sex.

When I was a kid( perhaps 7 or 8), I fantasized the penis was strictly for pee-pee and that the pellets were for copulation. I envisaged the dances were not connected to each other and that when you had fornication, you picked one ball and set it into the vagina. I also reputed each ball had a flaw for sperm “re coming out”. Because of that, I didn’t understand how threesomes with anything other than 2 daughters, 1 guy ran, because with that each girlfriend got one ball. I especially didn’t understand 2 people, 1 daughter threesomes, because that’s two situateds of dances and one gap( or so I imagined ). I recollect being super confused when I found out the peeing organization persona for guys was also the copulation persona, since girls had separate roles for that.

15. I thought that penises have been continuously slimy.

Till I was 17, I imagined penises have been continuously slimy. Like, that’s just how they were. I think it was probably because vaginas are a moist field. I know, odd one. LOL My friends and I still laugh about it.

16. I fantasized one testicle was for male seman and another for female sperm.

Not sex, necessarily, but when up until I was 19 I thought that one testicle was for male seman and one was for female. My kinfolk still doesn’t let it go and asks me and my lover which one we’ll tie up first before having kids if we choose to.

17. I guessed the penis was straight down between the legs.

I always felt the penis was straight down between the legs.

18. I saw followers had three penises.

As a child I remembered followers have three penis. I think it’s because I used to bathe with my brother( five years older) until he thumped pubescence and I usurped the projectiles are dense smaller penises.

19. I contemplated mortals boxed their dances like little punching bags.

The reason servicemen had pellets is that they used them for boxing, as in they are able to casket their own projectiles to get practise. No impression where I got this idea from, I was in time two and insanely resentful that I couldn’t only stooped over to do a little of my own boxing.

20. I pondered humankinds had two punctures: one to poop, and one to have sex with other guys.

When I was a kid, I used to think that boys had two punctures: one to poop, and one to have sex with other guys, which worked kind of like a vagina. I knew they couldn’t have babes, but I too didn’t know anything about buttsex. Imagine my surprise when I learned that they had penetrative sex with the poop hole.

21. I thought that sons were physically incapable of crying.

I contemplated sons couldn’t blubbering. I mean physically incapable of plethora tear make , not only very macho to outcry. I’d ever seen my pa holler, ever seen a son roar , good-for-nothing. I just figured they couldn’t. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I eventually examined over and verified my daddy crying that I realise, Wait…that’s fucking stupid, of males can announce. They have tear canals, don’t they?

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